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Mesa College Trellis

Project type Academic

Date 2021

Location San Diego, CA

Project lead OJB Landscape Architecture

Mesa College Quadrangle is part of a redesign of the central campus quad. This shade structure provides a dynamic sculptural centerpiece that shades the new seating below, and offers boundary and enclosure to the main lawn. The shade structure finds stability in the curving form, with support from the V-shaped columns that come to a point at the ground. The wood is held back at the central spine of the canopy revealing the warping steel spine truss that runs down the center of the structure. The shade canopy is made of a tube steel superstructure that supports a curving and warping double layer of wood joists. The work created by the complex geometry of the form was resolved in the steel structure, leaving the low-maintenance, naturally resistance western red cedar to be easily cut and assembled on site. Photos by Robert Divers Herrick

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