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Tree Fall

Project type

Public Art




San Francisco, CA

This sculpture by Andy Goldsworthy is placed entirely within the former Powder Magazine at the corner of the Main Post Lawn. The Powder Magazine was constructed in 1863 with 4’ thick stone and concrete walls to protect gunpowder stored within. The sculpture is a tree trunk from the Presidio. It was suspended in the building and coated with clay from the Presidio. While at Endrestudio as Project Architect, I designed and engineered a self-supporting steel system of four walls and a ceiling which is entirely separate from the existing historic structure. A gap between the structures is designed such that movement during an earthquake does not cause the sculpture to damage the existing building. The order of construction required that the support walls and frames be constructed following the placement of the tree in the building. A very tight schedule was maintained to coordinate with the artist’s schedule. Partial upgrade to the building entrance was also undertaken per the California Historical Building Code. Photos by ADBC Architecture

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